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Testimonials and References

Vit Gunka, MD FRCPC, Clinical Associate Professor, Director of Research, Staff Anesthesiologist, BC Women’s Hospital, University of British Columbia

I am a doctor and physically active person. I always look for opportunities to stay in shape. I’ve recently bought the Spinalis Hacker chair. After only one month of using it my core felt stronger. This unique chair keeps my body in a proper healthy sitting position and at the same time silently exercises my abdominal muscles. I also enjoy its distinct European design and very fine craftsmanship. I would recommend Spinalis chairs to everyone who seeks relief from back aches or simply, like me, wants to invest in personal health and fitness.

Dr. Peter Lisborg, President of International Division of American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, Past-President of World Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and member of Austrian Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, who has been using SpinaliS Pilot chair for over 10 years in his office:

"I have been a doctor and surgeon for more than 18 years. I was born in Vancouver, Canada, now I am owner of a busy privat clinic in Austria. I have been using the SpinaliS Pilot chair for approx. 10 years. As a owner of a busy privat clinic, I have to sit at my office very often and for me it is very important to have a proper chair is for the health of my back. Because of my back issues, I have tried many chairs at my work, from easy to fancy H.M. ergonomic chair, but no chair could ever compare to my SpinaliS Pilot chair. I was not cheap, but either is a back surgery, or a lifetime of pain medication. Utterly worth it in my mind, I would never change it!“ 

 John Zickmantel, John Bryson & Partners Structural Engineers
I am a structural engineer, and I must sit for long hours every day, sometimes up to 8 to 10 hours. I suffered with a serious back pain for many years. After consulting with my healthcare professionals, I realized that one of my main problems was the chair that I was sitting on at work.
I first tried kneeling chairs, and that helped significantly, but there were many problems with those chairs as even the best ones ended up breaking. So then for many years, I was sitting on a ball to strengthen my core muscles. This effectively eliminated my back pain from sitting, but using the ball was not perfect as it is not a great seat and it does not adjust vertically, so I was not quite at the right hight for my desk. This ended up causing pain in my shoulder. Thanks to a friend of my wife, I was recently able to get one of the SpinaliS chairs to try out in my office. The difference is incredible!
These chairs effectively duplicate the action of sitting on a ball, but it is all part of a real office chair that is high quality and can be adjusted in hight. I have been using it for almost a year now and I no longer have the pain in my shoulder or back, this chair is indispensable to me. Thank you!  
Veronika Florianova, Barrister & Solicitor at Cawkell Brodie LLP

I have been using the SpinaliS Apollo chair for approximately 10 months. I am a Canadian citizen, a lawyer, a partner at a busy law firm in downtown Vancouver, and a mother of 4 children. I sit at my desk at the computer my entire day at work. I am very aware how important a proper desk chair is for the health of my muscles, in particular my back and neck. I have tried many chairs at my work, from fashionable to ergonomic, but no chair could ever compare to the SpinaliS chair. The unique design of the SpinaliS chair, which involves a spring on which the seat is sitting, allows me to sit at my desk and be constantly moving and readjusting my body posture, and does not allow me to crouch forward or sit in unhealthy positions. As a result, I have to constantly use my muscles, in a very subtle way, which actually strengthens my back muscles and while the chair forces me to sit properly, my neck muscles are not as tight and I am relieved of frequent headaches that are caused by my tight neck muscles. It is simply the most comfortable and ergonomic chair I have ever sat on.
In my opinion, Canada does not offers similar product as the SpinaliS chair, and SpinaliS chairs are beneficial for many Canadians who suffer from back pain and those who do not have back pain but do not want to get it in the future, especially for those who have to sit at their jobs. The SpinaliS chair is one of a kind and I believe that it will have a positive health impact on our society.

Petr Vokoun, President at Orca Realty Inc. 
Petr Vokoun
I bought SpinaliS healthy chair model Spider, because I have to sit every day behind my office desk. I'm sitting on it now and my core is fully engaged, I feel more fresh, without back pain. Thanks! 




George Potesil, CEO at ABB Groups

I used to constantly struggle with back pain, which led to treatment and to rehabilitation. I finally found a solution in the form of the SpinaliS Spider healthy chair. Not only my office has a certain flair due to the chair’s design, but also it completely rid me of all back problems I’ve been struggling with for years. After this positive initial experience, I ordered more chairs for my daughters, who are studying at university and will long be tied to their desks. I recommended SpinaliS to my colleagues and family.


Thea Alisson, Accountant

I bought SpinaliS chair for health reasons and it changed my way of sitting in the office. No more stiff back and neck muscles. It has been replaced with constant strengthening of my back and abdominal muscles and keeps my body in balance. This chair is really exceptional and I am very satisfied with it. I wish all those who spend the whole day at the office had SpinaliS chair too.




Many well knownCanadian companies are sitting on SpinaliS: 

UBC, Vancouver
Remax, Vancouver,
Microsoft, Seattle
Warnen Bros. Zombie Films, Vancouver
David Cummings Insurance Services Ltd., Vancouver
Fit To Train, Vancouver
ALIGNED Chiropractic, Kelowna
Octaform Systems Inc, Vancouver
Atlas Vinyl Sundecks, Port Coquitlam
Worldsat International Inc., Vancouver
Abundant Health Systems ING, Vancouver
Wellspring Christian Counselling, Abbotsfort
Biotech Dental Lab, Victoria
Touch of Joy, Vancouver
Talbot Insurance Services LTD., Gibsons
Canadian Mental Health Association, Vancouver
Naturalth Media, White Rock
Spady Transport, Surrey
Giddy Yoyo Inc, Toronto
Google (Czech Republic)
Monster Worldwide
Dubai International Airport 

and many more... Worldwide SpinaliS chair is in possession of more than 100.000 customers.




Ideas of users SpinaliS chairs

I am very satisfied with my SpinaliS chair. Ever since I started using it every day for several hours my back pain has stopped.
Thomas Gavin - Expedia

SpinaliS was recommended to me by an orthopedist after my long time struggle with back pain. Today, prolonged sitting on a chair is no problem as long as it is a SpinaliS chair. I wholeheartedly recommend them.
Melissa Ettel - Monster Worldwide

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